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theres a guy at my yacht club that purchased a brand new catamaran with 2 electric powered motor for propulsion in and out of the harbour. lets jsut say after 2 year i never seen anyone rip something out so quick.

I've been talking with a guy over the last couple of weeks regarding moving his newly-purchased Nonsuch 33 from Annapolis to NJ… The boat is electrically-powered, same deal, "just enough to get in and out of the marina"…

Lots of consultation with the folks at Annapolis Hybrid Power, the plan is to install a DC generator to charge the batteries. Problem is, the recommended generator cannot be delivered before January, or thereabouts, and the guy wants his new baby back home before then, naturally…

So, after calculating all the costs of the single portable generator capable of powering the boat @ 3 knots, or the dual parallel setup that would likely push the boat @ 5 or more, I got the phone call a few hours ago…

They've decided to truck the thing, instead… LOL!

Can't say I blame him, that might have turned out to be a rather pricey little delivery… On the other hand, might have been a nice little sail, you never know...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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