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Where to start? Get a good digital voltmeter, and put the +/- probes as close as you can get to the compressor, to check the voltage at the actual connections in to the compressor.

Make the same check across the terminals of your house bank. Notice I said TERMINALS. The actual plug things sticking out of the batteries. Not the battery cable clamps.

If there's a substantial difference between the measure at the compressor and at the batteries (more than about 0.4 Volt UNDER LOAD), you've got a voltage drop which is probably due to undersized wiring or corrosion in the connectors (bet on the corrosion). There's often a big voltage drop from the terminal to the clamp. Check for that.

If there's not a substantial drop, suspect that your (new) batteries are somehow bad. Assuming there was no load on the house bank, "12+" volts is not very good for a fully charged battery bank "at rest".

Good luck.
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