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Congrats on new boat Keja...Suggest you determine condition of
batteries 1st and foremost and then how to maintain and monitor them. Check out "load testing" and "specific gravity" both easy but checking with a multimeter will be a good start.
Monitor battery voltage after day sailing a few times.
Did you said you have shore power... follow wires...thinking just might be attached to a charger.
As you indicated you will be day sailing at first, if your batteries are in good shape you may be good as is.
Suggest you take some time and practice approaching dock under sail in any case.
for what its worth...I keep my 30 fter with one bank for start and house, constisting of 2 group 27 batteries, on a mooring (have charger I dont use) Use modest solar panel and keep a batt booster on board which I had to use only once in 20 yrs.
I buy batteries every 7-8 years in any case. (usually still good)
Useage is moderate with no refrig.
and never have any electrolisis (spell?) problems not connected to shore power.
Spend approx. 20-25 days on anchor in a good year.
Hope this helps,
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