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I have a pearson 33, 1987 and I am trying to re attach my running, anchor/ mast lights back on. I am at a lose and have no idea, I have played around with a ground/and just touched lights. We can not find any wiring diagram for the mast and electronics.

Thank you


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There is no diagram from the factory, as this was done by an owner. The green wires which are joined using a POS insulated crimp appear to the negative leads for ALL of your mast lights. The positive leads for the individual lights appear to be run to that terminal block. This shouldn't be too hard as the connectors appear to be labeled.

Here is what I would do;
  1. get a helper to stand outside the boat, with a view of the mast, but within earshot
  2. turn the DC power on
  3. flick the breakers for ALL of the lights on
  4. touch one positive lead to one of the terminal connectors, and ask the helper to tell you if ANY of the lights come on. If no, try another terminal connector. Keep trying until you have gone through all the combinations of leads and connectors, or until you get at least one light to come on.
  5. label the wire for whichever light came on.
  6. continue to touch each of the wires (one at a time) to the connector that you just used to turn the first light on. label each wire as you helper identifies them.
  7. now switch off all but one of the breakers, and verify that the terminal is labeled correctly.
  8. repeat for all of the breakers
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