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Interesting crimping tool, Halekia, but is that crimping or staking? (i.e. pushing a point into the lug body?)

It seems as is everybpdy has "one way and one way only" to make a proper crimp, I know one master electrician who insists hexagonal die crimpers are the only way to go for heavy power cables, including 4AWG and larger battery cables. And everyone says not to solder--except the elevator industry apparently solders all their connections, again high power cables.

I wonder what they do at NASA, and on the USN subs?

I don't remember what my local West store let me use last time, but it beat the heck out of the "No problem, mon!" crimps a nice chap at Home Depot did on the bench vise. (Yeah, had to be one crimp, "now", and that's what there was.) I have to confess that any carefully crafted crimp I've made in the last 20(?) years hasn't come apart, regardless of vice, die, solder, or otherwise.

I believe in good tools, there's just a scarcity of hundred dollar bills around for one-shot jobs. And a similar scarcity of any docs, from anyone, suggesting proper die sizes (vs wire size) or pressures or anything else, besides "Buy our tool".

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