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Not sure if this applies nationwide but at the three WM stores local to me in RI, all have the proper crimping tool as well as swagging tools and allow anyone to use them, with or without supervision. Certainly makes sense to pay the small price to purchase the materials there with this as the benefit.

Given the criticism WM often receives here and elsewhere, particularly in their pricing, they deserve some credit for this unique customer service.
Ditto. They've got the same bench tools down here in Chesapeake country. In my experience, they are always happy to let folks use them, especially if you're buying some of the fittings, cable, or wire from them.

I ask permission first, just as I would prefer someone to do if they borrowed my tools. But they probably don't care one way or the other. Also, I find when I ask, some of their employees are eager to help out and often have good advice.
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