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Any one have a source for Electro Guard PMI No.7 Teardrop zincs. I'm down to my last one. I tried ordering a similar looking zinc, but the holes don't match up. I also tried contacting the new Pacific Seacraft company, but they were no help.

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I'm not familiar with those zincs, but have you tried their dealers?

Electro-Guard, corrosion and cathodic protection specialists for boats, yachts and small ships.
ElectroGuard zinc anodes are not produced by the Electro-Guard company you have linked to.

Here is a link to the ElectroGuard teardrop zincs:

ElectroGuard | Manufacture of Zinc Anodes since 1940. zinc anode, zinc sacrificial anode, zinc sacrificial anodes, boat zinc anodes, hull zinc anode

BTW, ElectroGuard zincs are more and more difficult to find, and for good reason, IMHO. Sea Shield makes a teardrop zinc with slots rather than holes so that it can replace a variety of other manufacturer's products:

Zinc Anodes, Aluminum Anodes, Magnesium Anodes, Seashield Marine
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