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One way those things work is by providing a higher voltage spark often of shorter duration. That can lead to arc-tracking problems with wires, distributor caps and rotors. That means that while the CD/electronic ignition can bring easier starting by providing a higher voltage with lower load on the points, if you still have points. It can also cause break down of other parts which may not be able to stand the higher voltage. Keep a spare coil, cap and rotor at least and a set of wires including the HT wire from the coil to distributor for that bleak day.

It would be best to seal all of those spare ignition parts in a nice dry (with desiccant) plastic bag.

Another thing that can happen if you still have your points, the rubbing block that follows the points cam can wear down to practically nothing and the system still work. It would be an excellent idea to put a tiny swipe of points cam grease on that thing every few hundred hours if you are still using points.

Back in the day, I used electronic ignition retrofits on every thing from gas engine trucks and automobiles to farm equipment, boat motors and motor cycles. It is best if you can get one that replaces the points but they, like everything else do eventually fail. The question is, do they fail more often that what they replaced? My answer is: They fail no more often and they do provide a performance advantage including lower fuel consumption where I used them.

Make your choice and pay your money.

Have FUN!
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