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I might have experience with it . I have one that looks just like it , but it is a 100W and I'm using this controller
If you go the 200W panel , you would need to use the GVB-8 controller and also you would need to get the correct one depending on what battery you are using . You need to do that with any controller . ie: are you you using Lithium or flood acid ?
But back to the panel , I love it I got ours a yr. ago off the Bay for $200 . It is crazy light , I made a frame for it out of Oak and I clip it to the life lines in the cockpit . When we were using it the batt. never got under 12.5 V and that is for 2 weeks at a time with no shore power . However our AMP needs are low . No reefer no big screen , all LED lights . So far so good no problems at all . These Chinese Panels get bad press and the only experience I have is mine . I'm thinking this , I could pay 1K for a panel that looks just like mine . But if I can get 3-4 yrs. life out of mine I will still be ahead . Mine came with a one 1 yr. warranty .
They say the controller is the hart of the system .
What are your AMP needs ? Will you have shore power ?
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