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Cruising World Magazine and Sail Magazine both have pictures of the same boat this month. I am surprised the photographer sold images from the same shoot to two different magazines. They are two different pictures, but, same photographer.
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I haven't read either of those rags for more than two decades. I still have my Sail mags from the 70's as historical reference but during the 80's it turned into nothing but clothes, gadgets & charter crap. CW faded away in the same period into being little more than an advertising rag. Any "real" content in either of them was so short it was all but meaningless.

A pox on both their houses.
I used to have a free subscription to Cruising World and enjoyed it, but not enough to pay for it. I won a Facebook drawing from them, so I likely will subscribe and it is really cheap by the year (like $12 or something like that) as I do like my Musto MPX foulies. I usually read the "Classic Plastic" reviews first.

I currently get a free subscription to Sail, and it is OK, enjoy reading it on the can. I hope some of the rest of the family will read it and get the bug. I would not pay for it. Funny thing is that there DIY articles are all but useless. They had a two part one on painting a boat, and the first one basically said Prep is the most important, so prep. But went into no detail as to how to do the prep, why bother with a two parter, just write two paragraphs. I have not started reading the second part yet, but do not expect to gain any more knowledge at all. But I do like the "expert" columns some useful info there.

Good old boat is good, and I buy it every issue. I keep meaning to pick up a Practical Boat Owner, as it looks good. But it is hard to find.
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