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Cruising World Magazine and Sail Magazine both have pictures of the same boat this month. I am surprised the photographer sold images from the same shoot to two different magazines. They are two different pictures, but, same photographer.
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I don't get the point of this thread. Pro photographers are in the business of selling pictures of things. If it was the exact same shot I could see it being ethical to advise the second buyer, especially since they are both sailing mags but otherwise?

I don't see it.
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I haven't read either of those rags for more than two decades. I still have my Sail mags from the 70's as historical reference but during the 80's it turned into nothing but clothes, gadgets & charter crap. CW faded away in the same period into being little more than an advertising rag. Any "real" content in either of them was so short it was all but meaningless.

A pox on both their houses.
Nope - all I get now are GOB and the British Practical Boat Owner. Sometime WoodenBoat.

When I got my PCOC it came with a years membership in CPS and subscriptions to PY and CY. I skimmed the first couple of issues and from then on they just went straight into the recycling.

I can't understand why anyone would buy them - what would they be looking for? Overpriced island real estate? A test of the latest Hunter?
Maybe I should have said "purchased" instead of read - I will flip through them at the newsstand from time to time, just to see if anything has changed. Sadly it never has, at least not for the better.

That was how I found both GOB and PBO.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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