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I agree. I have basically told them as much, and they seem to be trying a little harder now to not entirely screw me over. I did find a nice place to put it next year that actually seems to be like a good HONEST place.
Is the boat insured? I'm assuming so since it's in a marina. Check your policy, many cover towing up to 5k$. I have both SAR and towing costs on mine, although the former is usually no charge anyways.
This doesn't mean you can simply get towed about willy nilly, but when being towed for the purpose of being hauled out when the marina you are in cannot haul you out. You'd better believe your insurance company will be much more enthusiastic about the cost of a tow bill and repairs at your expense than hauling it up off the bottom and scrapping it and paying you out.

I use this as a last resort option because it has the potential to screw up your insurance.
Get a C-tow admiral membership or whatever they call the latest and greatest one, that is to say the most expensive version. AAA is a sometimes valuable idea. C-tow is an always valuable idea.
I only needed it the first year I had it, but the expenses for towing I didn't pay cover me for the next 10 years of membership payments.
Even when you are running things like the fuel delivery service if you run out of fuel etc are worth it.
Whatever yard you can find to get hauled to and hauled out at, you need to identify two factors to C-tow to have it covered.
1. You are towing it from where it is with a failed engine, to where it can be fixed on the hard, the yard you are at doesn't have space and whatever yard you find does have the space, and is the location the mechanic has advised you they will be able to work on it at.
This covers the most important rules.
2. Wait a week after getting the policy before calling them at all and requesting this service. I have had conflicting answers from them on when it is permitted ranging from 48 hrs to 7 days. Because I had called prior to the wait period being over they didn't cover a tow once.
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