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I don't plan on being one of those people who stuff their cabin hip deep with spare parts and junk. But what do most of you carry (if anything) as an emergency hull patch kit? Is there anything more than the following needed?

1. Life jackets that can double as inner hole plugs
2. Plastic sheeting or a tarp for covering the hole from the outside
3. A couple plywood patches
4. A couple wooden bungs
5. Something that can double as a brace against an inside plywood patch like a telescoping whisker pole or boat hook
6. A bucket

And while we're at it...

I see a lot of threads talking about people making repairs while in the water (that should really be done while hauled out), by temporarily putting "clay" outside the hull to keep water from pouring in for short periods of time..., etc...

I did a search on marine clay and I'm not turning anything up? Is this something you should also have on your boat? And if so, what name would I find it under online or at my local marine supply place?

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okay here is some of the stuff i have on the boat

5 mil plastic sheet
toilet wax rings
wood plugs
plumbers putty

for a larger hole i am probably screwed, but for small holes or large cracks i can take the wax and make a bead around the crack/hole and stick the sheet of plastic over it from the out side. plugs are for thru hulls, plumber putty is to help them seal. or for the shaft hole if the seal blew out.

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I'd recommend carrying some MarineTex putty. I'd also recommend carrying some of the new "fiberglass repair tape" bandages that are designed for emergency repairs to pipes... while not designed specifically for boats, they do a nice job on them. :)
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