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I am not sure that it is so much a Cautionary tale about Electronic navigation equipment, so much as it is a cautionary tale about redundant backups, and also on the idea of using something like an Ipad as a primary navigation device.

I cannot imagine anyone thinking it was safe to use anything as a primary Navigation device that was not Dedicated to Navigation only. A dedicated Chartplotter/MFD, with an Ipod as a backup, would have not allowed such a thing to happen.

If anything, this could be a lesson in Prudent navigation. Had the Skipper turned out to sea when his Ipad stopped working properly, and stayed far from shore while getting it working again, he would have likely had no issues.

As it was, it would appear he was out in a place of which he was unawares, without having any real redundancy in navigation, using only an Ipad, and not keeping his fuel tanks topped up caused him to push when he should not have. Many mistakes stacked on top of one another ended in catastrophe.

We can all consider him lucky that all of his crew are safe and sound.
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