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Just to stop the speculation going on out there from those not in the know. John had a complete state of the art Simrad navigation system,GPS, chart plotter, radar and AIS which interfaced with his Ipad. The Ipad was a repeater used in the cockpit along with his iphone as cockpit backup. It all worked seamlessly together. We used it in the local Channel Islands without a hitch.

John is an accomplished sailor and I have trusted him and his judgment on many occasions at sea. He is a better sailor than most sighted people and he remains my first choice in crew aboard our KP44.

As in any accident it is never one thing that causes it. In this case there were several issues which had to be dealt with which lead to the accident. It happened and there is no going back.
Was the Simrad system what the article was referring to when it said "The built-in chartplotter had a system that displayed NOAA charts, but Berg says that proved inadequate."? I thought the iNavX was an Apple application and I assumed as I read the article that the iPad was being used as the primary nav method. Are you saying it was just repeating what the Simrad was doing?

Another thing I'm curious about is the usefulness of NOAA charts around Hawaii. I would not think they would be inadequate in that area of the world.
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