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Engine hour meter - how important for resale and options

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Yanmar 29 3YM 2006. Engine control panel hour-meter stopped working (known problem with these). Otherwise control panel functioning. Replacement quoted at $1500 ($CDN). Considering selling boat to upsize in next 1-2 years.


1. How important is knowing true number for engine hours when selling (it was somewhat important for me when buying)? engine in great condition, my best estimate of actual engine hours is around 6-800.

2. Do you think new engine control panel will show engine hours from beginning or will it restart at 0 hours? i.e., is the engine hour recording in the panel itself or on the engine? If its just going to restart at 0, no real point in replacing it.

3. Are there any other options?

as always, thanks much in advance!
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A written (hand-written) engine maintenance log means more to me also and is something I'd be asking for.. since there's little reason for anyone to fudge the figures, unless they plan on faking the entire thing.

Other than ensuring the meter hours match the log, the meter reading doesn't mean much to me - especially on a boat that's had three engines already.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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