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Engine sound insulation

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My boat has sound insulation (1 inch foam sheeting with foil facing) on the bulkheads immediately surrounding the engine (Yanmar 2QM15). Not sure if it's original or PO installed, but I suspect the latter.

But the boat really doesn't have a true "engine room", so the bulkheads where the insulation is installed aren't continuous, which means that the engine is not encapsulated by insulation, and to my layman's way of thinking the sound can travel pretty much anywhere. For example, there is only a thin, uninsulated panel between the engine and quarter berth.

I removed some of the insulation to fix some wiring, and doing so made a big improvement in engine access clearances, so I'm thinking about removing it all.

Any reason I shouldn't do this, other than causing (possible) noise level increases?
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I had not yet finished all the final taping and also put a panel of the Sundown on the top, or under the cockpit floor. Beta told me NOT to enclose to engine in so it can "breath".
I just realized the belt is on the wrong wide of the cooling hose. Thats just dumb.....

"1st mate" Captain, the belt just broke, and we are taking 15' breakers on the beam.
"captain" Quick, disassemble the cooling system and change it.

As opposed to: belts broke, ok, loosen the alternator, put a new one on.

BTW I think beta is assuming the engine is being installed in a modern cookie cutter boat. Enclose it, a 3" hole is all it needs to breathe.

I love beta/kubota engines, but this was a poorly thought out design.
If that was my engine, I would keep a spare belt on the inside of those hoses. zip tie it so it hits nothing, and then if you have an issue, its one bolt to change the belt :)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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