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Words are unnecessary... follow the link and enjoy!

Sailing, around the world - The Big Picture -
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so many amazing photos, thanks for posting the link Faster
Very Nice,
I needed that since I'm stuck at work on a great sunny day.
Awesome photos!
Those photos are awesome....especially nbr. 3. A blast from the past thrust into a techno world thru the mist of a time warp! :eek:

I also fully appreicated nbr. 8 in the comment section afterward....seems all those sails were not the only things full of hot air...GEEZE!
Absolutely awesome!!

Thank you..thank you...thank you
Thanks for the link.
Those photos are sick, Faster! Thanks for helping me out on this cold, snowy wintery day.
Wow, thanks faster; I've found my next dozen or two desktops!!;)
Greate photos thanks....

Sadly photo 1 and 14 are of the Irish sail training vessel Asgard II which sunk 20 miles off the coast of France in the Bay of Biscay, on Sep 11 2008.:( Great ship.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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