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Ericson 36 RH or Ericson 34x?

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I'm brand new to sailing and purchasing a boat is leaving me pretty confused. I'm looking for a boat that I can learn on and have fun on in the light winds around the islands of BC and Washington and then progress to sailing offshore. I've done some research and believe that these two boats are capable of offshore cruising as well as have good light wind performance but other than size does one have an advantage over the other? Thanks.
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Is the 34 the older one with the crazy pintail transom? Or a later 80s 34?

I like the E36 RH, as I said, but prefer the E33s fractional rig.. Always wondered why RH chose to use a masthead rig on the 36 when he did a frac for the 33 (same era).
Late to the game here, but when the 36 was drawn, Frac rigs on IOR boats were still very rare. This was just at the time when designers were starting to figure out the rating/performance benefits to Frac rigs. When we (I was at Ericson during this time) started the 33 project, the Frac rig movement was well under way. Hope this helps
The price difference between the two is a bit less than $15k. The 34 is the electric drive on Granville. I've quit looking south of the border because of the poor exchange rate. I have a hard time justifying forking over an extra 25+% even though it may be well worth it. My problem. I was thinking that a couple of wind generators and solar panels could deal with the quick drain of battery power. Something that I would investigate a bit further if I like what I see next week. The 34 is on Yachtworld.
I've only seen pictures but the transom is pretty unusual. Pinwheel is a nice description. It says it's a '78 Bruce King but in my readings I'm wondering if there was a transposition of numbers somewhere. Anyway the 34 will cost less initially but to get it equipped as well as the 36 I'd be looking at a significant amount. I'd have lots of time to make these upgrades but some of them would have to be made immediately after purchase so that in itself is pointing me toward the 36. Not to mention my wife encouraging me not to settle. I certainly don't have enough time off to be doing major upgrades. I want to start sailing now not spending weeks getting a boat ready.
The 36 is by FAR the better boat and well worth 15K in price difference if you are doing any serious sailing. Much better structure engineering, much better performer, etc. Easy decision at that difference
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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