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I'm Charly, 19 years old, female, from Germany. I just finished high school and now I want to crew on a yacht to get get from Europe to New Zealand or Australia.
My sailing experience is next to none, but I've got a lot of time (one or two years) and I am REALLY motivated to learn how to sail. Since my financial means aren't that great, I am looking for people who'd like me to be their helping hand on board. I love the sea and I'm sure that I'd love to be on the water for a long time...

Now, do you think, that it is realistic to get from Europe to New Zealand or Australia on a boat, or part of the way? I can fly part of the way, too, if that helps. How could I get started on a trip like that?
Are you headed that direction an would like to have me as crew?

Thanks for any replies,
charly =)

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Welcome to sailnet. It would help if you said what other qualifications you had-do you have any emergency medical (first aid, CPR) certifications, do you know how to navigate, can you cook, etc... These are all important things for a small sailboat crew to know and having them will make you more valuable as a crew member.

Also, taking a decent "Learn to sail" course and picking up a copy of Dave Seidman's book, "The Complete Sailor" would be good ideas, since you'll at least have a decent foundation and know the language of sailing-which makes you far easier to work with as crew.

Yes, I think you can do this. One place to look is at, which is a crew/boat matching service.

I would also caution you, as you are a young woman, and as such need to take some precautions, as being stuck on a sailboat can be a dangerous thing if you do not do so. Making a long, offshore passage, with relatively unknown people can be a serious mistake, so make sure you take the time and effort to vet the captain/crew of any boat you may be crewing on.

Good luck and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here. I'd highly recommend you read this POST to help you get the most out of sailnet.
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