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Hello, I recently relocated to Spain, and I got my boat shipped here as well. To register it in Spain, I need to have the European CE Certificate. Later Catalina models do have it, but this one does not. Catalina 30 MKII, from 1986 to MKII until 1994-1995, do not have this certification. Mine was commissioned in 1989.

Catalina received the European Certification Letter in August 27th 1995, and was compliance certified CE from 16th of June 1996.

Has anybody gone through the CE certification for a Catalina 30 MKII? Starting from scratch, requires lawyer to handle the process (300 EUR), an for another 3300 EUR, an engineer to fill out the application comparing the boat information and blue prints to the CE requirements, and for an agency to apply for the certification.

All this could be faster and cheaper if somebody has already done this process. If that is the case, could you please let me know?


Angel A. Rebollo
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