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Like most of you, water is my element. When I am on the water I feel the most authentic/genuine and integrated with the whole of life. My husband and I vacation at a wonderful seaside resort and I frustrate him by only wishing I could be on one of those boats anchored offshore. I don't think I was a whale or dolphin in a previous life. If I am a good human being and try very hard to make a positive difference in this life, maybe, just maybe, I will spiritually ascend and come back as a marine mammal after I die. Get the picture? :)

Two years ago we came into enough money to put a down payment on a Moorings boat. We went as far as getting approved for the financing before I learned of active ownership and a few other comparable charter companies. In the end, we decided to wait until we have experienced different charter ownership companies, gathered some experience, became empty-nesters and retired (this summer).

I found this site because I am trying to find Mooring, Sunsail, Dream Yacht or similar, owners. I'm not interested in buying their owner's time (a week we can sail without the owner on board), but to join an owner on one of their sailing vacations. This would get me out on the water and accomplish all of our other goals. I am hoping that we could negotiate acceptable compensation with anyone who is interested.

We are going to be if the Pacific Northwest in early July. What a beautiful place to start our training!

Any advice on this subject would be very welcome. How and where should I post this request?

Since I haven't posted enough to earn PM, my preferred email is olsen dot preplan AT


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Welcome.. and best of luck in your quest.

I've modified your email address so that spambots don't find you.

It may be difficult to achieve what you're after.. but if you charter on your own here in July you won't regret it!
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