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Dear Friends and sailors,

As you may know, I made a few sailing videos, about sailing and stuff, for all people and anyone to see..

I made them for everybody, and although free, they are still mine...which is only fair.

I made them, and to make them accessible to all, I uploaded them on YouTube, and embedded them here, where our friend Camaraderie, kept them all together, in a thread he made.

So far so good...unfortunately, a few weeks ago, I joined a web site, also about sailing, and was asked by several friends there (that were from here too), to post the videos, as it would help the site, and more sailors could use far so good....that is not the issue

Unfortunately, I left that site, and upon leaving, I asked all my posts be deleted...

well..that was not done...I did not leave in anger, or with any hard feelings...I left because thought the site was not for me, as I don't agree with their "post removal technique"...I politely asked my account deleted, and the posts too...and received a friendly pm from the site administrator where he said "done" or something like that..I can't have access to that now, but not important.

Unfortunately, my wish for deletion was not fulfilled, and my posts are still there under the name "guest", or something. Doesn't matter...they did not do what I asked for...

Therefore, and since they are showing a total disrespect for me and my polite request, I was forced to inhibit the embedding of the videos on YouTube.

The problem is that now, they can't be seen here on Sailnet either, BUT we are working so that they will soon be showing up here again. I believe this week it's solved.

You can still see them on YouTube, (where they are), as they are there for everyone... HERE

I just don't think that people that do not respect my wish, (the site owner or whatever, not its users), should benefit from anything mine for his own venues, good intentioned or not...

Rest assured, had he asked me, politely, as I wrote to him, (since he has obviously my email), to keep them, or explaining personally why he would like to keep them, I wouldn't have said no...Why would I???

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, but I felt cheated and ill treated by people I once helped, without expecting anything in return.

Thank you

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