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Expectation of Crew's Own Equipment

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I am crewing from the Bahamas to the Chesapeake. This is my first offshore experience.

I am bringing my own foul weather gear, PFD w/ harness, and warm clothes that dry fast. Is there any other offshore equipment that is generally supplied by the crew themselves? For example, I don't have a tether, but know the boat owner does. Is that the type of thing where I should have my own?

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I'm usually the boat owner and expect crew to bring
their own clothes including foulies although we carry two extra jackets and bibs
their personal kit- meds, toiletries, sun block etc.
that's it!!!!
Rest is on me if you are kind enough to crew for me.
We ask before hand about food preferences ( I buy stuff for the boat you buy stuff when on land for yourself)
We ask about med health, contacts etc.
We talk to each other before leaving. Just did transport for a friend BVI to Bahamas. He was short a harness/pfd/clip- brought mine along. He was short current cruising guide. Brought mine along. Should be trip with friends. Even if they are new friends. So talk with each other.
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Agree 1+ with ASV on headlamps. Have rechargeable focused beam dive light which is kept under dodger. Used only for looking at sail trim. Hate even smart phones or even Ipads not set at "night" in the cockpit. Even run only red lights down below at night. Like you say my boat my rules but have yet to get my knickers in a twist about it.
Don't like fridge opened too much. Wastes electricity beyond getting things broken. Found must less electricity used now we have separate fridge and freezer. Wife is super on loading both. Very thoughtful. loads last days food first and so on with first days food and daily needs most accessible. Truly an artist.
Had locker built/wired to take microwave. Multiple cruisers told us micro wave a waste on a cruising boat if it actually cruises. Get a small pressure cooker instead. Never put micro in. Use that locker for all goodies and some real food that can be made easily when on night watch. Folks have one place to go and are not messing around in the dark waking people up. Just saying.
1 - 3 of 58 Posts
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