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Alabacore would be an excellent choice.

Here is a link to their Canadian website - Canadian Albacore Association Home Page

There you will find out the history (designed by Uffa Fox back in 1954) along with a listing of the countries where there are Albacore fleets. Over 8000 Albacores have been built, and it remains one of the best sailing dinghies ever designed.
Not at all unstable, it makes an excellent beginners boat, as well as the best boat for a highly trained sailor to get a "rush" while planing during a race. Many sailing school instructors begin their training sessions by walking around an Albacore on the gunwales to demonstrate just how stable the boat is.
As a former Canadian Albacore Association Commodore for 3 years (back in the '90's) I can assure you that you would always be thankful you chose to start in an Albacore. I owned Albacore #2723, and then #7944. From there I moved up to a C&C Shark 24, and now to a Grampian G-26. I have been very successful racing the Shark and the G-26. I give a good portion of the credit for winning my trophies and championships to the fact that learned to sail properly on an Albacore.
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