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I am wanting to help crew on a boat to Bali or somewhere in Asia.

My ultimate goal is to return to London this year without flying.

Please contact me asap if you need a fun and interesting crew member. I am ready to depart Australia asap, pref from Darwin.

Crewing: Fiji - New Caledonia (Oct 07, 14days, 2 crew, 14m monohull) & New Caledonia - New Zealand (Dec 07, 12 days, 4 crew, 17m catamaran) Recently sailed from NZ - OZ on a cargo ship.
Also crewed on some small boats in OZ About me: English, male, 29, Mechanical Engineer, artist, speak english, german & french, fun, friendly & reliable.

Looking forward to adventures with you!

Please contact me (James) at: [email protected]


See a photo of me here
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