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Hello Sailnet,

Once again I'm going to try use the internet to find new adventure on a sailing boat, I've been successful before and have been on the ocean sailing a gorgeous boat across the world.

I'll shoot!:

I'm a Dutch sailboat captain, and I have extensive experience sailing large charter boats and yachts. Every summer I sail with a 120ft sailing barge on the dutch waters. Every day sailing, and I still love it!
In the wintertime I've done several deliveries around the world on sailing yachts and I've been working as an Officer on large square rigged tall-ships.

From november 2011 I'm available to work abroad on a preferably sailing boat as a captain or as crew. I will be available till about end March beginning of April 2012.

My goal is to have a great time so I'm open for al sorts of jobs, and with me my current first mate is also available as crew. We are not a couple, but we manage to work together as a good team. We decided if possible that we will be available together if needed.

My qualifications are:

-UKSA Professional Skipper training graduate with Yachtmaster Offshore/Ocean
-3000GT licence for merchant vessels
-Hospitality course for charterboats

My work experience:

-2,5 years as first mate on a barge
-14 years as a skipper on barges
-3 winters as officer on tallships
-one summer deliveries in the Mediterranean
-delivery of a 55ft yacht from Athens to Sri Lanka
-a lot of experience on classic boats
-painting, varnishing
-engine maintenance
-ships IT

I like teaching people how to sail and especially handle boats and maneuvering in harbours, I like to keep the atmosphere on board as good as possible so that way people will enjoy their work en therefor works the best possible way they can.
I like thinking out of the box, and enjoy solving problems which seem hard to solve.

I hope through this post I get in contact with a captain or owner in need of a crew.
Please people who are just looking for a crew and have no means to pay a wage, do ask, I'm looking for a good time and not money. If the job is nice I'm willing to work for expenses only.

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