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I’m a day or two away from finalizing the sale on an ‘84 Islander Bahama 30. It has some crazing on all of the windows which I want to fix. The boat has these two really big rear windows in the cabin that let in lots of light but from what I can tell they are not a standard size. I was going to replace them with externally mounted plexiglas windows; it should look sharp. I was wondering what I can do about the bevel from the current windows on the inside of the boat. They are pretty big and are showing their age. They aren’t leaking, but they have that old plastic look. I was wondering if anyone here has ever had some custom interior bevels made out of stainless or brass/bronze that they put up after installing exterior portlights. They don’t need to be waterproof since the exterior window will be; they just need to look good. The boat is in excellent condition as it is and some new inside window bevels will add a lot. Pictures of what I’n talking about are Attached (not my boat). I want to remove the white interior bevel and pop in something similar to the porthole bevel. Another idea I’m kicking around that is much cheaper and easier is to frame the large windows with 4 pieces of teak baton, which I could laquer to make it pop a bit and to create a bit of contrast. It’s $35 for 5’ at Westmarine, so the price is right. The easiest option would be to remove the frames, spray paint them brass, and then give them a shot of clearcoat, then screw them back in with brass screws…

Anyways, I’d love to hear if anyone has any ideas.
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