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Sorm sail and in mast furling

There are at least two solutions:

1. Rig a stay from below the spreaders (assume your storm sail is not higher) to the deck like you would rig a cutter stay but than almost vertical parallel to the mast. You can hank on the try-sail on this stay as an old fashioned stay sail. You may want to expiriment a bit to avaoid damage to the mast from the shackels.

2. Indeed as a lugger sail with lines around the mast. The drawback is that you cannot have the sail readily prepared to hoist and you probably won't like to be balancing above the stored mainsail.

3. Not a real #3 but you can use the main sail track, however same issue as above.

I wonder whether the track you would like to have would cause any problems but that depends on the room left between the mainsail and the mast inside.
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