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I found an old 1968 cal 20 in a barn and picked it up. Its been stored there since 1986 as far as I can find out. Previous owner died last year. I'm in the act of finishing our retirerment home this summer and hope to start the boat refurb next spring. In the mean time I'm trying to find out what all I should be looking for/picking up etc... Ifound the mast boom and rudder. I will go through the trailer and check/replace axle bearings and tires before even moving the boat. There is no straps to hold it down so I'll need to see what is needed there or if a 2" ratchette strap would suffice? On each end that is. I know I need to remove the keel bolts sand down and repaint the fixed keel but have no idea what paints etc... to use. Is it the same VC17 as bottoms are oainted with? There is no outboard motor well cover or plug so I'll see if I can make them. I have an old antique outboard but don't know if it even runs any more as it has sat for at least 20 years. The wiring looks suspect. No battery no head nothing even for a small galley but I have an old travel trailor that is litterally falling apart that I can steel parts like dc to ac converters holding tanks etc. I know a cal 20 doesn't normally have much and is mainly a day sailor but I have most everything to convert it to a 25 style boat if there is a way to doit. The rubber is missing around the hull and deck sections and will have to be replaced. All cushions are needed as is an anchor. The sails are there but I have not takken the time to look at them yet although I was told they were cleaned and stored away inside there house. The boat is in an old equipment barn on a farm so I've got lots of bird dung to clean off. Id like to hear from other cal 20 owners as to fair lead and barber hauler placements and readable rigging diagrams that will help me rig the boat properly from the start. Along with any twitches the cal 20s may have and ANYTHING else you think will be helpful to me. Thanks in advance. I'll star sending photos soon.
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