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Fantasy boat

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I've always enjoyed running across a boat that is obviously someone's fantasy boat - a boat that some soul set out to make his/her perfect dream, hang the cost. Most fantasy boats are big, and you see them in the news or clustered in places like Newport or the Nantucket boat basin.

I was passing a small local boatyard this weekend and was surprised to see a fantasy boat, and I really think the owner hit a home run.


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that's very nice
Im always amazed when I see a complete refit nicely done.
That wood work alone would be enough to turn heads.
Is that a Pearson Ensign?
Very pretty lines. Cannot see from the pics what the Stern overhang is like.
Reminds me a bit of my mates International Dragon but with a much modified cockpit.

That's a beautiful boat, i imagine it's their pride and joy. Taking the time to create something unique which nobody else in the world has makes it truly a thing to treasure and look after, the wooden surfaces look SO glossy, i'd be afraid of getting them scratched :p
wow! that boat's a stunner!

bet she flies too
Great boat porn! I can smell the varnish now.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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