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fasteners in inaccessible hollow structure

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Hi All,

Never thought much about this because it's never been something I needed to do. I want to put a pretty good load bearing piece of hardware onto a 1/4 inch thick fiberglass structure which has no back side access. Is there anything besides screws that we use in the marine community for such applications? Thank.

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I want to install a jack line. The "load" would be me if I ever went overboard. There is an area just fwd of the traveler that would be perfect, but as mentioned it's hollow.
Well figure that they say to use at least 6000 # test webbing, so it should be a strong fitting with a backing plate. I think you would end up with leaking if there is not sufficient backing plate anyway. So best practice (and we are talking about your life here so best practice should be adhered to) is going to be cut a hole in the headliner, and put in a backing plate and bolt. You should be able to find a plug to cover the hole. I would want to be able to access it so I would not fiberglass over it. Personally think you might want to find the plug first, that way you don't end up with a hole bigger than you can find a plastic plug for.
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