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Father and son sailing

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My wife and I got certified ASA 101 last year and have since been sailing Catalina 22's in the Florida Keys in a club down there every few months. Much to our delight, our 11 yr old son has been very enthusiastic during some of our day sails, (crewing and helming), while learning terms, points of sail, handling sheets, and other basic concepts. He has also expressed sincere interest in taking youth sailing lessons this summer and I'm currently looking into some local schools/clubs that might work for him.

Additionally, I'm thinking of getting a trailerable, easy launch and set up (step up mast) shallow draft boat that my son and I could get out on relatively easy and go for quick day sails this summer. The minor problem we face is that we are on the south east coast of FL and are limited to intracoastal waterways with only a few open enough areas along the waterway for light sailing (the ocean too rough most days here for a small boat), so from a boat ramp, I need something that can take a small @2hp motor to get us from the local ramp to an open sail-able area nearby. One boat for sale that caught my attention was a 2004 Hunter 170 with a small OB motor and trailer for around 5K. But I have no idea if it's an easy boat to quickly set up from trailer to launch.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this boat or others like it would be very helpful. We have come to love sailing as a family and I'm excited that my son seems to like it too. Only wish I had the same opportunity when I was his age!

Thanks in advance!
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Our son sailed from the time he was 18 days old.. but he had little choice in the matter. When he was 10 or 11 he started racing with us in earnest - his buddy's dad was our boat partner so the four of us raced a 24 foot M242 throughout his teens.

He's stuck with it, when he went to college he signed up on a crew list and raced OPBs for quite a few years, then bought his own boat in his mid 20s.. now on boat #3, and still an avid racer doing quite well locally in his Schock 35. He was on a winning 6M crew this past summer too and now gets to go to France for the 6M worlds in the spring..

So good for you and your family.. encourage him and good things will happen!!
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