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I would compare the Fatty to the Dyers. There's no accounting for aesthetic preferences, but...

I have been in a Fatty Knees dinghy, and it lacks the form stability of our Dyer Midget. This is likely due to the rounded hull, compared to the Dyer which is slab sided and flat-bottomed (with a slight V-shape). Also, unlike the Fatty Knees (which is a chopper gun dinghy), the Dyer is hand laid glass.

The Dyers have been in production for decades and there is usually a good supply on the used market, often at reasonable prices especially if you find one that needs a little refurb.

If you really want to build your own, check out the Eastport Pram sailing dinghy kit by Chesapeake Light Craft.

EDIT: I'm going to append my comment above about the chopper gun construction. The Fatty Knees website makes this statement:

We chose a hand-laid lapstrake hull, not just for aesthetics, but because it offers considerable strength and stiffness and is relatively lightweight.
That is different from my recollection, so either I am mistaken or they changed their construction method. I think it would be tricky to hand-lay the lapstrakes in fiberglass, but maybe they have a method.
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