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Favorite Boats at Southampton Boat Show Today

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After much looking, I believe we found our two favorite, new boats at the Southampton Boat Show today.

We put a new rule in effect: the boats had to be no more than around 150,000 pounds to be competitive, so Halberg Rassys, Ovnis, Oysters, Lagoons, etc. were off the table. We were looking at news boats, mind you.

Number one boat: Arcona 370:

Likes: Performance cruiser with comfy wood interior, keel-stepped mast, and bulkheads glassed to hull and deck (not linered). Made in Sweden, good to windward, good construction quality, steel frame from keel to standing rigging, lead keel.

Concerns: a bit above 150,000 pound range, but nice quality. Smallish water tankage. One head, no shower stall. Small ice box, etc. As mentioned, it's a performance/cruiser.

I hadn't heard of Arcona boats in the US, but it's nice to know there's a Swedish boat that's a bit more affordable than the Halbergs and Mahos and Najads. Arcona Yachts UK

Second favorite boat: Dufour 405 Grand Large

Compared to the other production boats we saw (Jeanneau, Beneteau, Delphia, Hanse), the Dufour seemed to have the right combination of finish quality and nice design/space.

Likes: Extra room of a 40 footer, large cockpit with big table, shower stall, two heads, giant frig with three doors, big tanks, comfy cabins.

Concerns: iron keel, side window design, complexity of dual wheel system, linear galley, liner construction.

Compared to the other production boats, however, it was nice: Dufour Yachts: Gallery

Special Mention: Delphia 33:

Likes: good price (under 100k), classic and more rounded design (like an older C&C).

Concerns: fit and finish

- Quality you expect at a price you don't!

That's all for now...
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I always enjoy your boatshow reports from "across the pond". That Arcona is indeed a pretty boat -- and I had never heard of this "affordable" swedish builder either. There's some nice running rigging on that boat!

Thanks again!
I agree, some very nice choices, I especially like that Arcona, good looking boat with nice interior., Rick
I like the looks of that Delphia 33... If only I had the $$$
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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