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Feathering Propellers

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I would appreciate any input from people with experience from any of the following feathering propellers; Autoprop and Maxprop.
I´m trying to get better performance under sail on my Moody 42 ketch and get rid of the huge fixed 3-bladed one.
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There was a very recent dicussion on this topic that you might want to reference. Also, Practical Sailor has done some tests and printed the results..
Try Martec. They sell an AutoStream which is a 3 blade feathering propeller from Australia that is, in my opinion, superior to Martec and costs a lot less. I have one on my Tartan 37 and it added about .75 knot of speed sailing and stopped a lot of lugging on the engine. You need one that is externally adjustable both forward and reverse.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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