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FWIW, I took Fletchersguitar's first response to the O.P. MUCH differently than anyone else. I probably took the O.P.'s post differently, too.

First, I'll admit it. I've kind of had it with today's "relaxed" attitude towards "relationships." Wanna go vacationing and share a room with your girlfriend? Sure.. go ahead.. it's cool. Wanna go clubbin' and hook up with someone for a night? Knock yourself out. Hey, why not move in with your girl/boyfriend for a while, and see if it works, right? I mean.. why mess around with nasty things like commitment or marriage... I mean, what if it don't work? You need an easy way out, right? Hey, want a kid? Go ahead.. have one.. it'll make you happy, and that's what having a kid's for, right.. to make you happy, fill a hole in your life.. right? Makes me want to scream. I've had it.

SOoooo... when I see someone post a specific gender desired for a crew, my IMMEDIATE assumption is that the person is looking for more than just crew. Go ahead.. tell me I'm wrong. I'd love to know that I am.. I just don't think I am. Fletchersguitar may just have been pointing out the fact that any decent person (female, in this case) would probably NOT answer such an ad; in other words, an experienced female sailor would immediately know what's up with the post and would make herself scarce.. i.e., "rare." If a 55 year-old woman (my age, by the way.. no age discrimination here) posted an ad for a buff 25 year old male crew, even if I WAS a buff 25 year old male, I wouldn't answer the ad for all kinds of reasons. I mean... ewwwww. Whatever happened to getting to know, respect, admire, love, and THEN demonstrating that love physically (and maybe even get married around that same time frame... perish the thought).

End of soap box.

I know.. famous last words...

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