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Ahoy ive now a sailboat of my own , bigger then I'm used too , an need a more experience sailor to come help me get her in out the slip , pullin up to docks , the gulf water ways , the real waves .
Help teaching my kids the right way , they don't listen to me .
I have lived in keys on boats ive help sail small boats . Its not the same I'm funding out , am I'm older been sick i struggle to keep up , I've cancer
BUT all while 3x sick i prayed to just sail my own boat an go back to
the keys snorkel , swim , liveaboard write my book s .
Im not afraid of anything , but this boat i got has new issues an
way more to Handle alone . None of my friends can sail or i dont trusts the
Judgements , im afraid to get her out this slip dI'm in with 4 pylons i did help sail sheen from tarpon springs , in 4 hours i could not process all the Endeavor
New stuff , no stuff , rigged up stuff , missing stuff , broken stuff , leaky stuff
Am not much wind , no instructions by the kid who just sat am smoke cigs
Ignored me , got to dock an they wasn't enough lines to Tyi the boat up
Right , the kids took off , thank god other boaters had lines to loan ,
Left the sails in a mess had to run am hurry to get it put right .
I was promised by Sellers they take us out an show us how the
Amber Rose sails , my name " so please any nice good sailors ,
man , Woman , Couple , retired , so collage kids in marine school , board , lonely
want to make new friends .. we could sail together on trips ,
Any real REAL experieNce skippers out there could come
lend a hand so i don't crash an hurt my first own boat .
This nice boat an can learn more experience would be great .
I'm in remission of cancer , i haven't sailed a little boat
in years so I'm ready to try am live my dream i thought i can b
I' s going to get do laying in hospital if i make it outta here
so im alive r emission i dream of spending my last year s on this boat with kids
But stuck in the mud ...., i posted a sailors help on CL " bad mistake ,
Wierdos , liers , can't pass a sailing test
A little sailing course I a dungy again is not
What i Need , I'm a hands on artist ,
A lessen it 1 ir 2 x An I've got it .
I'm not scarred of any sea creature s , waves,
I sleep in the slip rocking like a a storm Ann i love it
I need real sailor friends ,
who know what knots are 3 kinds , Lol
Thank you do much
For reading my sailing storey

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Ahoy , female sailor needs help l learning
To handle a bigger boat .
Need real sailor friends who really
Skipper boats ,
Looking for friends to help me an my kids
Learn to sail our boat.
Bigger 33 ft in hard slip
To much for 5 ft 2 petite
Sailor , remission cancer..
Difficult to rangle i find out in
My condition , I'm sick
I keep trying ....
Looking for real sailors to
come help us learned more
From experienced skippers
Need real sailors
Need new friends
Help a sailor in remission
live her last dream .....
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