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Ahoy ive now a sailboat of my own , bigger then I'm used too , an need a more experience sailor to come help me get her in out the slip , pullin up to docks , the gulf water ways , the real waves .
Help teaching my kids the right way , they don't listen to me .
I have lived in keys on boats ive help sail small boats . Its not the same I'm funding out , am I'm older been sick i struggle to keep up , I've cancer
BUT all while 3x sick i prayed to just sail my own boat an go back to
the keys snorkel , swim , liveaboard write my book s .
Im not afraid of anything , but this boat i got has new issues an
way more to Handle alone . None of my friends can sail or i dont trusts the
Judgements , im afraid to get her out this slip dI'm in with 4 pylons i did help sail sheen from tarpon springs , in 4 hours i could not process all the Endeavor
New stuff , no stuff , rigged up stuff , missing stuff , broken stuff , leaky stuff
Am not much wind , no instructions by the kid who just sat am smoke cigs
Ignored me , got to dock an they wasn't enough lines to Tyi the boat up
Right , the kids took off , thank god other boaters had lines to loan ,
Left the sails in a mess had to run am hurry to get it put right .
I was promised by Sellers they take us out an show us how the
Amber Rose sails , my name " so please any nice good sailors ,
man , Woman , Couple , retired , so collage kids in marine school , board , lonely
want to make new friends .. we could sail together on trips ,
Any real REAL experieNce skippers out there could come
lend a hand so i don't crash an hurt my first own boat .
This nice boat an can learn more experience would be great .
I'm in remission of cancer , i haven't sailed a little boat
in years so I'm ready to try am live my dream i thought i can b
I' s going to get do laying in hospital if i make it outta here
so im alive r emission i dream of spending my last year s on this boat with kids
But stuck in the mud ...., i posted a sailors help on CL " bad mistake ,
Wierdos , liers , can't pass a sailing test
A little sailing course I a dungy again is not
What i Need , I'm a hands on artist ,
A lessen it 1 ir 2 x An I've got it .
I'm not scarred of any sea creature s , waves,
I sleep in the slip rocking like a a storm Ann i love it
I need real sailor friends ,
who know what knots are 3 kinds , Lol
Thank you do much
For reading my sailing storey

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Sounds like it might be an Endeavor sailboat. What size? I don't know.

Izabel, there are lots of real sailors around the Tampa Bay area. Hopefully at least one of them can give you an afternoon or two to help you get things sorted out and show you how to get in and out of your slip without a major disaster. I'd come down myself but I have my own old boat to work on here in NY.

This is a long shot. There was a member here by the forum name of "Knothead" who is/was a rigger in St. Pete. His real name is Steve Smith (I believe) and he has/had a rigging business there (there are not that many boat rigging shops in St. Pete). I'm not sure he is on a smooth path in life at the moment but he may be able to refer you to someone else if he is unable to help you out.

Good luck with your new endeavor and good health!
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