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If you're going to build the arch to support solar panels that's one thing, but building it to support a wind gen is a different story. The loads on a wind gen are a lot higher than on solar panels IMHO.

Building it of kevlar/carbon fiber is going to get expensive fast... and building it of stainless steel might be cheaper in the long run.

2" stainless steel tubing or building a ladder-frame out of 1.5" stainless steel tubing, would certainly give you an arch that was capable of supporting solar panels and a wind gen.

However, mounting the solar panels on top of the dodger and/or bimini might be a better option, since you have an existing framework to work with. Then you could mount the wind gen on its own pole as far aft as possible, to keep the rotating blades as far from people as possible.

You don't say what wind gen you're looking at installing. Some have a fairly large blade/rotor diameter, almost 2 meters, and as such need to have a pole at least 10' tall IMHO so the blades don't present a serious danger to crew in the cockpit.
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