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Fiberglas hull TLC

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I'm sure this has been asked on here a thousand times so forgive me and please point me to the proper thread.

I recently purchased my first boat, a 1979 S2 7.3. It is in really good shape for its age but the hull needs some TLC, the boat is white but the gelcoat is now chalky and dull looking. Can this be rubbed/buffed/polished back to a better look? Are there people who repaint hulls and how much does that cost?

Sorry for the newbie questions


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If the gelcoat isn't bad other than dull and chalky, you might just try polishing compound. Start with a small area (transom?) and see what happens. There are all kinds of people out there repainting hulls at varying prices; check at the boatyards and marinas in your area. A good job is labor intensive, as the prep work is what makes the paint job, and consequently will drive up the cost. Also, most paints used in this application won't take wax or polish (at least it's not recommended by some manufacturers) and so once you paint there's no going back. Hope this helps.
I've found they're pretty much all the same. Try a discount auto parts place, it will likely be cheaper than a marine supplier. You might look into a random orbit buffer-polisher as well. Be careful not to burn through the gelcoat or you will have created a problem for yourself. Good luck.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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