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Having smelled resin most of my life these may be of help. I'm not sure of your earliar posts but sounds your working under deck chain locker stemhead fitting. Working in confindd space make sure you have fan or aircomp. for air. grind off bolts remove. Glass grind clean top and down hull sides maybe 4-6 ins make pattern of replacement needed. use csm or chopped strand mat . use marine lam resin will stay sticky if you do little at a time make sure you knock off any huckerys sticking up before next go or air bubbles will form, need brushs 2in, mixing cups, acetone, hardner, handgloves, eye protection. Gllassing upside down is a *****. If you do not get all stuck up on edges, it will want to peel off. Cut csm mat to pattern. Each layer about 1in bigger or smaller depending how y cut pattern. csm is only glass that will comform to odd shapes. it has a glue that desolves in resin.Brush resin before csm goes on.U need about 6 layers try to go down sides of hull. watch hardner amounts as time is important also as layers get thicker heat will build rapidly, watch your brush for resin looking like jello, csm fibers will also clump but kicking off resin looks like jello settin up, finish up quick then go again after it cools. Experment out side on old crate or box also try upside down. You want to end up with about 1/2in buildup. drill new bolt holes try and use 316 not 308 stainless hrdw use large fender washers, (can double up) locktight threads or epoxy threads.
Aloha Gary
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