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Boat Financing Hurdles (What worked for me)

I feel your pain. I went through a few hurdles myself obtaining a partial finance on my new catamaran a few months ago. Perhaps my experience will help. I have lived aboard a catamaran since 2006. In January we decided to upgrade from our 34' Gemini catamaran to a 44' catamaran. Mostly for more room, better comfort, etc. In 2007 I owned investment properties which I could not sell, and with a loss of income, and other things that were happening at the time I was forced into a bankruptcy. I was however able to keep my Gemini. In 2008 when I tried to get partial financing for the new boat it was all but impossible in the United States. Trust me I tried every Bank in Florida, Texas, and even a few in California. None would take the risk due to my bankruptcy and the current trends in the market. I had heard from a few that with only proof of significant capital I could get offshore financing. I tried two banks in Grand Cayman which was a paper trail nightmare and literally months of work. I received little to no help from either bank in gathering the proper forms or clarification in what was needed. Everytime I called I got different answers. Needless to say it did not work out. A fellow liveaboard sailor recommended that I try Banco Popular which I did. I was able to obtain financing very easily (in less than a week). The paperwork was fairly simple, and I had great knowledgable customer service support when I had questions. When I finally purchased the newer vessel in the Caribbean, Banco Popular had the financing approved and already squared away with the broker at closing. It went very smoothly and I was very impressed with their service. The best thing about it is that there are Banco Popular branches all over the United States and the Caribbean (U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, etc.) so if you can not mail the payment or have a problem you can walk into any of the branches throughout the U.S. or Caribbean and they will take care of you. Even in the Caribbean they have bi lingual associates at their banks. Since then I have had no problems or compliants with their service so far. If you want to look into it their link is at:


I hope this helps anyone reading this that is in a similar situation.
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