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Find your next Charter Boat right here on SailNet

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In Case you missed the announcement at the top of the forum:

SailNet is proud to announce it has teamed up with who represents over 2,000 Charter Boat owners around the world. You can now search for your next charter boat right here on Sailnet.

Click here -
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Oh now THAT'S cool! We'll be chartering in a few months - and we'll definitely do it through SN. Thanks!
Any idea's where yet Smack?
We'll be taking the ASA Combo course in November/December to become proper yachtsdudes, then want to hit either the BVIs and/or Belize this spring.

Our goal is to get 4 weeks of cruising in per year. I'm seriously stoked.
My wife and I have been eyeballing Greece although she seems really stuck on the Dalmation Coast of Croatia.
NOW you're talkin' Jeff! I've heard some incredible things about Croatia. Both of those on our list as well. Let us know how it goes when you do it.
Croatia looks amazing. It is I think possibly next on our list as well. 5 days from now however we are off to Italy on a charter around the Aeolian Islands with my folks!
Very cool Chall! Maybe you could start a SFC (Sweet Freakin' Charters) thread when you get back. Have a great time dude!
I will definitely post some photos and a writeup when I get back...
I was wondering what to title the've given me the answer!
Chartering (and sailing) in Croatia this time of year (i.e. October) is only for those Aussies used to participating in Sydney to Hobarth X-mas regattas. I hope that at least you opted for the sailing area between Split and Dubrovnik!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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