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Hello, I'm looking to purchase a new(to me) boat. I'm looking at a Finngulf 34. It is an older boat, Scandinavian built. Manufactured in the early 80's and was, as far as I know, Finngulfs first production based boats that started the company. The vessel herself is constructed out of fiberglass with a foam core. This boat originally was as the cruising model, but has had the interior pretty much gutted to reduce weight for blue-water racing.

I've scheduled to have her surveyed this week, so I won't really know anything until that takes place. Overall, the boat looks to be in good condition with no visible signs of delaminating or any soft spots on the deck. Rigging is dated, but intact and functional. Not really sure where to start. Anyone here have any experience with this model, or Finngulf in general? From what I have read, Finngulf Marine is a very good boat builder overseas and is a name worth buying for the name. However, since I believe this boat to be their first production style boat, I'm a bit leery of it.

Manufacturer: Finngulf Marine
Name: Finngulf 34'
Model: FG34
Manufactured: 1981 - ? (I think 1984)
LOA: 10.43M / 34.23 ft
LWL: 8.0M / 26.25 Ft
Beam: 3.26M / 10.7ft
Height: 1.88m / 6.17ft
Displacement: 4400 kG / 9680 lbs
Keel weight: 2100 kG / 4620 lbs
Sail Area: 52 m2 / 170.6 ft
LYS: 1.15
Designer: Hakan Södergren
Rigging: 7/8- swept fractional spreaders throughout mast
Berths: 6
Specs Found Here:

Fitting: To the port side of the exit stairway is a forward-facing L-shaped galley with stove, oven and double sinks. Aft of the galley is double bunk. To starboard of the exit stairway is a toilet. The Salon consists of two longitudinal sofas. Between the salon and The forepeak is a cupboard on each side.

Model Variations: Two - Racing / Cruising
The racing variation is notably lighter and weighs in 1 ton lighter than the cruiser equipped FG34.

History: Stig Nordblad who is the founder of Finngulf, story really began in 1981 in Finland when he entered the 3 / 4 Ton World Cup with his newly designed FG34. The Designer was Hakan Södergren created a truly unique racing boat from fiberglass and foam core. The vessel is fitted with aluminum bulkheads that are welded to a tube chassis that runs throughout the hulls interior. The boat placed very well and was considered to be the fastest Scandinavian vessel of the race. Therafter a more family oriented patters of 34 came into production. Finngulf Marin Ky was founded in December of 1980. Finngulf, in the beginning was just a sales company and production was handled by Krister & Partners Kirkkonummi. By 1981, Fingulf had started to produce their own boats and have developed into the company they are today. Within three years, the FG34 was succeeded by the FG36 which was in production for over 10 years, but is also discontinued.
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