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For starters, welcome to sailnut.

Secondly, while I would not say the E 32 is a normal 'starter' boat I am a bit jealous. I have a friend who has an early 1980's E 32 shoal draft that he keeps on the Chesapeake. The cabin is truly spacious compared to my little 27 footer. We have had 6 adults on board for overnight excursions which is about the max for sleeping on board.
My friend left his E 32' in the water for nearly 5 winters on the Chessy and he did end up with some blistering on the hull. Since you are in Chicago I doubt you will leave your boat in the water over the winter. Hauling out for the winter gives the hull a chance to dry out, which reduces the likely hood of getting blisters.

Do you know which version of the E 32' you have? Shoal draft (4'6") or deep keel (6')?

You have quite a bit of boat to get to know. I'll recommend you go through every system your boat has, find out if it is working and how it works. One of the best books for this is Nigel Caulder's "Boatowners Mechanical & Electrical Manual" Boatowner's Mechanical & Electrical Manual: How to Maintain, Repair, and Improve Your Boat's Essential Systems (9780070096189): Nigel Calder: [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@51AWSDZ3NFL
I'll mention a few of these 'systems': hot water, pressured water, shower sump pump, VHF radio, all electronics on your electrical panel, head (toilet), sink drain, propane locker and stove. Stuff that is related to actually sailing the boat: wheel quadrant steering, traveler, out haul (on boom), any gauges you may have (wind, depth, speed), spinnaker pole.
The engine has it's own sub-systems that are important as well: heat exchanger, alternator, stuffing box...
Which engine do you have in your E 32?

There is a lot to get familiar with but don't get overwhelmed. Do go out and sail and enjoy the boat while you are learning about it.
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