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first haulout on my new boat

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Hey guy's and gals,

can anyone advise me of their recommendations for antifouling paint, for a wooden sailboat, for our tugs we've always used hempels red copper paint.


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No idea, but post some photos!

Generally, bottom paint works well in some areas and not so well in others. I would ask your locals what they use on similar boats and use that as a starting point.
Anti-fouling Paint


I am on the other side of the continent from you. Generally, your cooler water is a bit less demanding on bottom paints. Here are two paints that I can recommend from personal experience.

Interlux Micron Ultra (a hard paint): the only paint that I have ever had that achieved a legitimate 2-year life span. It is hideously expensive and a 2-part (requiring mixing in proper proportion).

West Marine PCA: an ablative paint that I have used with good results for the last three years. I am told Petit makes PCA for the West Marine label. You can spend a lot more for results that are indistinguishable from this paint at the end of the season.

For the record - I winter haul my boat. Once you commit to that annual expense, repainting the bottom each spring is an additional cost that is almost "lost in the noise" (assuming of course you are providing your own free labor).

Remember to not put a "hard" paint over the top of an ablative, and don't forget to prepare the surface properly, in either case.

The Magazine Practical Sailor has been doing anti-fouling paint tests for the last few years and is well worth your attention if you want follow up.

Best Regards,
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what paint did you end up using?! and how did the haul out go?
If you've got a wooden sailboat, the gang over at the Wooden Boat Forum would love to see pics and answer your questions with about five million different opinions.
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