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Good observations.
The C30' cabin is huge compared to some 30 footers.
One item I have not seen mentioned is which version of the Catalina 30' is it? There is a std rig version, tall rig version, plus at least 1 shoal draft version. The tall rig version will be the better sailor.
What you have found is true on all boats. The more systems, the more there is to check, the more that can need fixing or go wrong.

To address your observations by #:
1. Which model of Universal diesel? 5411? 5432? what? HP matters. On the Chessy you may get away without winterizing, if you are lucky. Was the engine start-able?

2. Shift cable not working. If the cable itself is bad expect to pay over $100 to replace it. Teleflex cables aren't cheap.

3. Batteries wear out. No biggie here. Get 2 new batteries instead of one and enjoy worry free 12V power for about 7 years.

4. Not winterized? Was there a moldy smell to the boat? Some plumbing lines may be suspect if any water froze in them.

5. Binnacle had movement? Maybe a bolt or two need tightening or need backing plates down below. As long as it doesn't fall over you should be ok.

6. Head no worky. Not at all unusual given the non attention to winterizing. Head may need a rebuild kit or just replace entire head with new cheap Jabsco model, or model of your choice.

7. You may want to have the boat hauled so when you hire a surveyor they can easily see it.

8. Spiderweb cracks? Cosmetic.

9. Wheel smooth. Good.

10. Some lines (if not all) will need replacing from time to time.

11. Black water in a bilge is not a red flag, unless the engine is leaking oil (bad) or the holding tank plumbing has a leak (worse). You should be able to tell what is making it black by smelling & feeling the "water".

And remember $11K is an asking price. The seller should expect to have offers as much as 20% lower than his asking price, so $8,800 (unless something else is drastically wrong).

Well done teach!
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