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A good piece of advice given to me was to take lots of pictures and notes about what I like and didn't like. If anything stands out to you, good or bad, make note of it. Jot down owner comments to your inquiries. Take pictures of detailed things as well as general views. This will help you recall the specifics of the boat later after you've looked at several.

You could also ask to see maintenance records and previous surveys. When was the rigging replaced, if ever? Last bottom job, haul-out? Engine hours and maintenance? Age of batteries, sails, electronics, etc? Get a copy of Inspecting the Aging Sailboat by Don Casey or something similar to start learning to do your own preliminary survey.

I don't necessarily agree with "No deal is too good to pass up" but I do think that no deal is too good to at least sleep on and get a second opinion (survey).

Good luck with your search!:)
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