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We installed our WEMA quantity system back in 02 or 03. We have one gauge for two water tanks, and one for one fuel tank.

This year we had the first failure of a part of our WEMA quantity system.

After a few weeks, our port water tank was not reading correctly. The tank often was reading full, or empty when we knew otherwise!

Today, I opened up the port tank and did some checking. At first I thought it was a loose or corroded electrical splice. BUT, once I took the probe out, I saw the problem. The plastic outside tube had broken at the top and allowed water to get into the resisters in the inner tube. The inner tube has about 10 resisters and reed switches. It was fresh water and I did not see any corrosion.

A quick email to WEMA and I got the part number for the new (replacement) part for the original unit. They now appear to be made of metal, so should be a lot tougher.

I am NOT complaining! I AM VERY happy with the service I have been getting from the units and the quick reply from WEMA!

I really like the system!!!

Standard disclaimer, not connected in any way other than satisfied user.


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